About Us

Let’s talk about gifts for men! Depressing, isn’t it?
Sure, there are lads’ gifts, there are even blokey gifts, but what about just a decent gift for a man?
A gift you wouldn’t hand over with that air of embarrassment or a gift you wouldn’t open and feel compelled to say “no... this is great... really!”.
Which is why we’re here! We want to create great gifts reflecting the broad interests of today’s men and that don’t presume we’re all sport mad.

Our love of nature extends to our methods of manufacture. Everything we make is suitable for vegans, our products are all cruelty free without compromising on their design. So our ceramics are all made from Porcelain which uses a mixture of 3 clays, kaolin, quartz, and feldspar. We do not use Bone China which is made from 50% animal bone, burnt and then ground up and mixed with the clay. All our gift wrap, cards and notebooks are made from FSC or recycled paper.

Meet our team